It only took Kurgan Motorsports four hours and fifty-two minutes to install the Coyote 5.0 engine. According to one of the techs who worked on the car, they actually made an effort to go slow, so the whole thing wouldn't be over too quick. The only real issue they ran into was the transmission being stubborn for about 30 minutes. And before you ask, yes, it runs and drives and sounds awesome. They even brought the car out for the burnout competition, more on that in a second.


4PM: The Burnout Competition

Finally, the highlight of the day. The grand stands were packed (possibly because the overhang provided shelter from the rain) and by the time the burnout competition was ready to get underway everybody was ready and raring to go. And just like that, the skies cleared, the rain stopped, and the conditions were ripe for shredding tires.

Initially, I was a little disappointed with the assortment of would-be tire shredders, as just a half-dozen competitors lined up.

But sometimes it is quality, not quantity, that really matters, and in this case the quality of the burnouts more than made up for the few number of them. The first car to roll out was none other than the Kurgan Motorsports-swapped Coyote Fox-body, and they didn't hesitate to get toasty with those tires.



Carlisle Coyote Foxbody thumb_carlisle02
Carlisle Coyote Foxbody Carlisle Coyote Foxbody
Carlisle Coyote Foxbody Carlisle Coyote Foxbody