carlisle20Last weekend we saw one of the most-talked about events of the summer car show season take place at the Ford Nationals at Carlisle. Over the course of less than five hours, the Kurgan Motorsports team, in conjunction with CJ Pony Parts, tore out an old 5.0/5-speed V8 engine from a 1992 Mustang, and swapped in an all-new Coyote 5.0 crate engine.

Kurgan Motorsports performed the swap live in front of everyone as part of a contest. Contestants submitted estimates of how many hours and minutes it would take Kurgan to perform the whole swap, and the winner got $1,500 in Ford Racing performance parts. Quite the prize, and we're sure people were shocked at how quickly the original 5.0 engine came out, and how fast the new 5.0 engine dropped in. Thanks to Ford Racing's hot rod harness, there were just six connections to make on the engine in order to get it running right.


2:45 to 3:00 PM: Start of the Fox/Coyote Swap

One of the most-talked about events going on all weekend is the Fox-body Mustang/Coyote 5.0 engine swap that Kurgan Motorsports is performing live, in front of everyone. Contestants submitted estimates of how many hours and minutes it would take Kurgan to perform the whole swap, and the winner gets $1,500 in Ford Racing performance Parts.


When I stopped by they were just an hour and eighteen minutes in, and had already removed the old engine, transmission, and exhaust system. The Coyote engine is sitting in a corner, just waiting to be stuffed under the hood of that sort-of-restored Fox-body Mustang. I'll be checking in with them regularly tomorrow to keep tabs on their progress.

1 PM: Coyote Countdown Complete

The guys at Kurgan Motorsports really know what they are doing, and by the time I managed to wander back into the building where the Coyote 5.0 into a Fox-body Mustang was happening, the whole swap was completed. Guess how long it took. No, seriously, guess.



We were selected by FORD RACING to complete this coyote swap at the Fords of Carlisle event in Carlisle, PA June 3-5th. People will be able to watch the swap LIVE via webcam. We have to drive the car with the pushrod motor into the staging area on friday morning and complete the swap by Saturday evening.

Current Status:

The bodyshop painted the car, and now we are waiting to receive it back.

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Car was stripped down and prepared for the powerwasher. Afterwards, it went directly to the bodyshop.

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Here is how we got the car:

thumb_CoyotoeSwapCarlisle002 thumb_CoyotoeSwapCarlisle005
thumb_CoyotoeSwapCarlisle003 thumb_CoyotoeSwapCarlisle010