Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2007 10:45 pm Post subject: LONG OVERDUE THANKS!!!! 

Just thought it was long overdue for me to post up how pleased I am with Bob and KRUGAN MOTORSPORTS. Bob has really helped out with getting my street car dialed in and making over 800 hp to the tires. I also appreciate the efforts put forth recently on getting me helped out with my new car. 

Also the fact that Bob went out of his way when we had the car at the "King of the Streets" event in Bolwing Green in October. He was working overtime to make our trip successful despite the fact that he was running Drag Radial and qualified #1 if I remeber right. The entire weekend Bob was helpful and he even sat in the stands with my dad and I. I am sending everyone I can to Bob and have found on eof the best tuners in the country to take care of my stuff! Now if I could get him moved a little closer... 


Date of Posting: 28 December 2007

Posted By: Vitoman

Can't say enough good, I mean GREAT things about my experience with Bob. From purchasing, to installation to tuning. He single handedly took my stock 06 GT, in but a few short days, transforming it into a 'rockin' street/strip ride. I thought the car was stout to begin with, I had no idea what could be had from it, and Bob made it all possible. Thanks Bob, your work is outstanding, your service bar none, the best!


Date of Posting: 24 December 2007

Posted By: Pat Lovro

I drove my Lightning down from the Twin Cities in Minnesota to meet Bob at Eurotech to help me figure out a running issue. I was very happy with the way Bob explained a couple of things about what was causing my problem and gave me a couple options in regard to the tuning. 

Mine was a pretty straight forward tuning session, but Bob was nice enough to build me a tune rather than modify one of my existing tunes. 

It was really a pleasure to meet Bob and Greg the owner of Eurotech. 

These guys are great to deal with. No BS, no surprises, really decent and easy to talk to. 

I can say that I would absolutely recommend Bob Kurgan to tune. His tune for my 2000 Lightning with a stock long block, fuel system, and KB showed about 449rwhp and still gave me over 17mpg on the highway traveling about 72mph back to MN. 

Thanks again, Bob. I truly wish you success during this racing season. 

Howie from Minnesota


Date of Posting: 01 May 2007

Posted By: mnhh505

Thanks to Bob for his excellent tune and support throughout. He helped me figure out my motor combo, plan out and get parts for my fuel system for cheap, and continues to help me via phone and forums. 

I'm one of those guys stuck at a dealership that could be doing so much more, and Bob really makes me want to rethink my career and start tuning! 

If you ever need any help Bob, let me know. Thanks again!


Date of Posting: 24 April 2007

Posted By: bikewiz

Big thanks to Bob and all his help! Asked him a bunch of questions over the past few weeks before getting my car tuned and he always got right back to me no problem. The Rockford facility was great, plenty of space and was able to read boost even though I did not have a gauge.

Bob treats each car like his own, I will definitely be coming back in the future when I upgrade. My cars a pig, haha! 

Thanks again Bob!


Date of Posting: 10 April 2007

Posted By: Blinkstang

Had Bob tune my 03 cobra with 2.93 upper and 4lb. lower over the weekend and I just wanted to say thanks again for the awesome tune. The car is making fantastic power and runs great. I can't say enough good about the whole experience. Bob and the crew at Eurotech went above and beyond what I expected. It is not every day that you get this level of service in this business. Thanks again!!!!


Date of Posting: 09 April 2007

Posted By: fredej80 

Central IL

Just wanted to thank you again for getting my car in on such short notice and finding some hidden HP /TQ in my NA cobra. She runs great and all your great and honest advice is hard to find in todays world. Also thanks for getting me a SC last week for a good price. Look forward to the next tune 


99 rio red Cobra in IL.


Date of Posting: 09 April 2007

Posted By: cobravenom

The car is running ten times better than what Sutton done to my car. Bob's a straight up dude and knows what he's doing and very informative. Thanks again!


Date of Posting: 08 April 2007

Posted By: MikeJaros

Impressed and glad I made the trip to have Bob tune the car. Nothing beats honesty and integrity. Despite the car not making the #'s I thought it would, Bob has it running at it's full potential now. Many thnx to you and the guys at Eurotech for mailing everything I left at their shop


Date of Posting: 08 April 2007

Posted By: chris93

I just wanted everyone to know whats been going on for the past 2-3 months. Around early december 2006 i started talking with bob about what i wanted to do with my 2003 mustang gt. He has always kept close contact and told me all the information on everything i was confused about. We decided to get a supercharger put on my car. On top of the s/c, i purchased many items from full exhaust to suspension to gear etc. Bob has been nothing but great help. Dealing with him is more like dealing with a friend then anything. Him and his good friend nick started working on this project mid january. Nick did all of the installations as bob was there several times helping and seeing how things where going. They got the car done in 1 week! Then bob will work with "YOU" to make you happy and find the best time for you to get a tune done. I drove and had the tune done a few days later and he explained everything and what he was going. Just on the base tune i had 357 rwhp. After his work for an hour i had 390 hp with a very conservative safe tune to keep the engine life longer. Bob and Nick are nothing but good friends with a very professional attitude and helpfulness that you do not find often. 

I say this just like anyone would say working with them. I recommend them over anyone i've delt with. Top notch people! 



Date of Posting: 17 February 2007

Posted By: niubodybuilder

Another happy customer added to the list. After having to cancel due to our snow storm on Tuesday of this week Bob slotted me for a 10am start just this past Saturday. ( thanks for understanding I didn't want my baby slopping around in that mess Bob ). 

Nothing out of the ordinary with my car, 2007 mustang GT with a P1SC strapped on. Bob dialed her in though and I predict tire purchases on a near monthly basis now. Cars an animal and Bob gets all the credit. 

Thanks again Bob-


Date of Posting: 12 February 2007

Posted By: Emay

Had Bob tune my GT over the weekend. I am super pleased with the results. 

You cant go wrong with the HAWAIIN!

2003 Mustang GT Centennial Edition - Vortech S-Trim - Accufab TB & Plenum - AFM Powerpipe - SCT "Big Air" MAF - 4.10 FRPP Gears - Steeda Front/Rear Sway Bars - Sub-Frame Connectors - Mach 1 Brake Conversion - Magnapak Exhaust - ProChamber H-Pipe


Date of Posting: 04 February 2007

Posted By: stixx

Bob tuned my car this past week, and I could not be happier with the numbers the car made or the service. Not only did Bob locate another dyno when Speed Inc's wide band had gone out (thanks again Sound Performance) but he did so in about 5mins notice. If thats not service I dont know what is. The car was tuned with everything explained to a T. Thanks again Bob for making it happen, this year should be the best season yet! 


03 GT Stick


Date of Posting: 13 January 2007

Posted By: 03GEETEE

Well after not having my car running since October when I installed the Kenne Bell and having all sorts of problems with it, I decided to bring it to Speed Inc Fri Dec the 5th and Bob came down the next morning and got the car tuned and running in about 3 hours. Wow it feels like a totaly diff car. The car runs perfect in ever single way. I put down the numbers I wanted to see and I cant be happier. 

Thanks A Lot Bob 



Date of Posting: 08 January 2007

Posted By: slackerme