Bought my BA2800 from Bob just 3 days ago...sure enuff it was waiting for me when I arrived home from a long day at work. The customer service is by far the best I have dealt with in the industry, and he takes the extra time to answer ANY and ALL questions I have. He was straight with me, got my meter shipped out super fast, and emailed all my transaction details within minuets. 

Just wanted to say thanks, and look forward to doing business again in the future. 



Date of Posting: 30 December 2005

Posted By: eades5.0 


By far, the best customer service I've ever experienced. Bob made sure I got the AEM really quick and has been helping me with emails and by phone. Top notch. And the best price around, too! Thanks Bob!


Go Gators! 

94 Cobra w/Cobra R drivetrain 

AFR 185, Crower 15512, 1.7 rockers, 42lbs injectors, 75mm TB, AEM, 255in tank, Boost-a-pump. Oh yeah, a Vortech, too. T-56...


Date of Posting: 03 December 2005

Posted By: 94CobraR 

Cape Coral, FL

Thanks Bob for a great season. Both cars had new best times and couldn't have done it without your help. Only problem is I can't seem to find the kurgan motorsports sticker you gave me...oh wait you didn't. j/k Can't wait for next year we can tune it with an 88mm


Date of Posting: 17 November 2005

Posted By: Slipknot

Thank you Bob for your GREAT customer service. 

I was contemplating a PMS for my 94 Mustang GT. I was told to check out There i came across Bob Kurgan. 

After Corresponding with Bob via E-Mail he explained that drivability would be a major problem. He recomended a a AEM EMS. I took the plunge and ordered one, at a very reasonable price. 

There was some shipping issues (a mistake by AEM and FEDEX, not Bob) Bob quickly fixed the issue and had the box rushed delivered. 

Upon installing the ecu and loading his base map i had some pretty serious issues with the car. Three nights straight Bob worked with me via e-mail and phone to rectify the situation. I live in Seattle and get of work at 4pm and can't start working on the car until 5pm. Every night we did not stop long distance tuning until 10pm my time.... which is midnight his time. I appreciate the time and effort he has put into my car even though he could have just sent me the box and been done with it. 

The BEST customer service i have ever had in the automotive, aftermarket.... 

Thanks Bob and she pulls like a Freight Train 


Date of Posting: 16 November 2005

Posted By: fiveptslow 


What can i say but another Satisfied Customer, I had a Diablo Super Chip to start with and Bob talked me into the SCT Chip, What a difference, it was a night and day difference between the two. I ended up throwing away the other chip. Saw a huge difference between Throttle Response, shifting Characteristics and to my suprise fuel economy. 

Thanks alot Bob. I will Recomend you to everyone i know. 

Chris J.

97 Ford Explorer 5.0 

Zex 100hp Nitrous Kit 

Kurgan Motorsports Tuned

Date of Posting: 28 October 2005

Posted By: Exploder97 

Schaumburg, IL

Thank you for spending the extra time to get it right. Highly skilled extremely compitent. I will be back and I am 100% satisfied thanks Glen

Date of Posting: 21 October 2005

Posted By: yozuri

The story starts about about 2 1/2 years ago.......when I first requested tuning help from the Renegade legend known as Bob Kurgan for tuning help with my Ford E.P.E.C..........with direction every step of the way he guided me on what to and what not to buy as I built a 331 8.2 sportsman....Brodix Track 1 (which he hates) T-trim street car.........this is when I begain to relize the full ability of Bob's not only tuning but his real world experiance with heads/cam/intake/blower cars.........after finaly putting car together and getting one dyno pull (due to cog belt carnage) the set up made 551rwhp with only a base tune and no other way to sqeeze more out that day.........a few months passed and I got my hands on a YSi and it was over from there........I then built a Renegade set-up (R302 block) with the always resorceful Bob Kurgan.....and was encouraged to race NMRA.......I completed the car and Bob put in the base tune and I headed to Byron Dragway for the first pass in over 5 years and managed a 9.60 right off the trailer with start up tune....... I was then able to race with some of the best heads up racers in the country in the NMRA EFI Renegade class that Bob made so easy for me to transition from racing on the street to racing in a heads up competition..........He gave at the track support at 7 out of 9 NMRA races .......and always was helpful in which direction to go and what to do in a situation since he had been there so many times in the past.......I owe a major part of my sucess to him for ending up #11 in points (at one point in season #9) in one of the hardest heads up competition classes in Mustang Drag Racing.....The car managed a best of 9.22@150 at 3380lbs and hope to get car in the 8.90's zone before end of 05........All in all Bob is hands down one of the Best tuner/racer's in Mustang Drag Racing......period............once again........THANK YOU 

Greg Price


Date of Posting: 05 October 2005

Posted By: REN#4106

What can I say this guy is one of the best in the business. Bob has been punching keys, giving me ideas, and telling me what do for about 4 years. Years ago I purchased his Xtreme Street/Renegade Backup motor from him and he guaranteed me that it would run 9.50, well he held up the bargain and it went 9.40 first time out. This motor turned out to be really really reliable for a race motor. Over 100 passes on the motor and Dynamic C4 trans combo. That motor is still in my car today, with a few changes due to me switching to Drag Radial 

At the Track Bob has always been willing to lend parts, tools, or knowledge even though he has his own stuff to deal with. Sometimes I think Bob worries more about other peoples stuff than his own. I am thankful for all of Bob's help in the past and in the future. Bob is a huge factor in my sucess at the races, and I am glad he is on my side. 

Kurganmotorsports is the Shiznit!!! 

Renegade Trim Best 8.72@156 1.2960ft @ 3250 

Dragradial Trim Best 8.70@160 1.3560ft @ 3140 

little info about my combo 

Vortech YSI cogged 

Vortech Mondo Igloo 

DSS Racing 337 

FoxLake TrickFlow Twisted Wedge Heads and Cam 

AEM Management System tuned by Kurganmotorsports 

Dynamic C4 with TCT Converter


Date of Posting: 28 September 2005

Posted By: Mustangwilly 

Orland Park, IL

Like many have said, when it comes to tuning this is the guy to come to. After my experience with bob i am completley satisfied with his results on my car. Bob is the true deal when it comes to tunning. hats off to bob kurgan. 

and good luck in Ky.


Date of Posting: 28 September 2005

Posted By: mkn8632

I was trying with limited success to tune my Kenne bell blown 94. After tuning with a PMS system, I was encouraged to look at the AEM system. 

I contacted Bob with some questions which were readily answered, and this was BEFORE spending any money. 

He gave me a great price and kept me up to date while the AEM was ordered and shipped. I had a startup program before the unit even arrived. 

The car is up and running, and getting better by the day. 

Bob has always been easy to get in touch with, and is alway interested in helping me better the tune. 

Excellent service and support! Many thanks to Kurgan Motorsports!


Date of Posting: 27 September 2005

Posted By: Shifter 

Pocono's, PA

I made the jump from the PMS to the AEM with Bob's help. He gave me a great deal on the AEM and had a start-up tune in my files within a day. 

Bob knows his stuff. 

Thanks Bob!


Date of Posting: 27 September 2005

Posted By: gw342

I tried to tune the PMS on the street for a few weeks. That did not work well at all. So I decided to give Bob a call and see what he said about tuning the car on the dyno. We discussed my combo and talked about what I wanted and expected. Bob answered all my questions and informed me of what he planed to with the tune. When the day came and the car was strapped to the dyno Bob worked his magic. Bob told me every change he made, explained why he was doing it and shared the results. In only a few runs the car picked up 40 horse power and 20 foot pounds of torque. But the best part was the part throttle improvement. The driveability was much better. I can say I was very impressed. 

Bob suggested a few upgrades like a Sytemax II Intake, Dart block, AEM and meth injection. Now that those upgrades are almost done I can't wait to get the car back on the dyno and let Bob do what he does.


Date of Posting: 22 September 2005

Posted By: 86merc 

Glen Ellyn, IL

I have had my car supercharged for about 2 years now and could never find the right person to tune it. I have had it on the dyno, but there were major issues with the air/fuel ratio. I had one company burn me a new diablo chip, but then the car would not even run and they could not do anything with it. I did not want to just bring it to a shop where I had to drop it off and see it again in a week. 

I finally got a lot of recommendations to use Bob, so I decided to go with it. First off, I was happy to hear that he would allow me to work with him and go through everything while he was tuning the car. And not only was Bob able to fix the air/fuel issue, he was able to get me at least another 30 rear wheel horsepower. I was thrilled and when I left the shop, I gunned it and thought my hand was gonna come off the steering wheel. Before the tune, the power built up gradually, but now the power is there as soon as the gas pedal is pushed. 

I would strongly recommend Bob and once I get my methenol injection, I will definitely be going back to him for the tune.


Date of Posting: 21 September 2005

Posted By: jkoral

When it comes to tuning, I would recommend Bob over anyone else and here are my reasons why. I made a combo switch from NOS to a Vortech S-trim. With NOS, the car went a best of 11.43@115 with a 1.58 60ft. When I made the switch to the blower, I thought the car was running great. So I went to the track and the best car would do is a 12.10@112 and a 1.80 60ft. I was like this sucks! So I made a call to Kurgan Motorsports to have bob tune my car. So he tuned the car and the first pass of the trailer the car went 11.30@119 and a 1.58 60ft. To date, the car has gone a best of 11.14@121 with 1.508 60ft and that is due to a loose converter. Now that the converter has been addressed, I will be seeing 10?s very soon. 

I would like to say thanks to Bob for all the help at the dyno and at the track. 

I would recommend him to anyone. 



Mike Mazur

Date of Posting: 20 September 2005

Posted By: mazur50

Just finished up with Bob a couple hours ago. GREAT GUY!!! When I first spoke with Bob and explained to him the problems that my SN-95 had, as I am sure a lot of you SN-95 guys have experienced, he assured me that he could take care of me and my '94 Cobra...MAN, was he ever RIGHT!!! First off, after our first visit, which happened to be a house call since he was in the area, which demonstrates the amount of customer service this guy has, I mean I don't know ANYONE else that would have done that! He plugged in the chip with a base tune and it was like fu*king magic, Bob waved his little magic wand and just like that the car was idling and running so at least I could drive it....he pointed me in the right direction as far as a MAF meter to go with and a week later, after the meter was on my car, it was a completely different car... I scheduled another appointment with Bob to get my car strapped on the rollers and see how much more we could get out of it....away those magic fingers went again on the key board and with in the first 5 MINUTES he had 10 more HP TO THE WHEELS!!! Now I have a really mild setup, in my DAILY DRIVEN street car but boy was I impressed with the numbers and the performance, an hour later and boy I would have never imagined what a difference he could make in my was like NIGHT and DAY folks....Now I researched a couple of different avenues when I was trying to get my car figured out, I looked into Diablo and read up on the PMS, but when I looked at my combination and realized that with 56K miles on the clock I wasn't going to be making any huge changes in the setup anytime soon, the PMS just wasn't worth the investment in my situation. When I spoke with two different dealers for Diablo they were extremely vague when they were explaining what they were going to do and what I could expect as far as performance, but when I talked with Bob it was like talking to a regular guy, he took the time out to explain EVERYTHING and really made me feel as though he cared about my car as much as I did, I would have to say that was what made the difference as far as my choice with the SCT chip and Kurgan Motor Sports, so anyone else out there that is thinking about going with Kurgan Motor Sports, quit thinking about it and DO IT!!! You WILL NOT be disappointed!!! 

One more question for you Bob.... 

Where can I get some of those Kurgan Motor Sports stickers??? Those things got to be worth AT LEAST 5 more to the wheels!!! 

Thanks again, and good luck in Bowling Green!!!


Date of Posting: 17 September 2005

Posted By: Bang'n_5.0 


We have a close relation here @ Speed Inc with Bob being he uses our facility for tuning numerous car every week. I have seen him go out of his way many times with cars. There usually isn't a car that comes in without issues. This usually is a big problem because of scheduled time to complete X amount of cars is tight. I have seen Bob fix and diagnose cars and not just shove a guy off to move on to the next guy to make a buck. 

The tuning once issues are ironed out goes quick. Bob has a lot of seat time tuning cars and knows what works. The cars are on and off the dyno within a few runs and running great. 

I personally had my 89 Notch tuned by Bob. I had major start up issues and idle surging problems. The car runs awesome and has great drivabiltiy now that Bob tuned it via PMS. THANKS


Date of Posting: 08 September 2005

Posted By: Speed Inc 


I am completely satisfied with the tuning of my car. Bob is very helpful and knowledgable when it comes to tuning a car, or anything to do with a car for that matter. He doesn't tune your car and send you on your way, he will take the time to make sure you are completely satisfied.


Date of Posting: 08 September 2005

Posted By: Jason Edwards 

Chicago, IL