Bob, thanks for the tune and straightening out my car. the car runs much better.


Date of Posting: 27 May 2012

Posted By: mark siniard

The guys at Kurgan's made a customer for life today. After going several times to a tuner, who I won't mention out of decency, my car is finally performing the way I knew it could. I showed up this morning and waited no time before Bob had done a pull and showed me exactly what I needed to correct my cars problems. In no time he had my car running better than it ever has. As I said to him on the test ride, which I never got with the other tuner after he fleeced me on several occasions for a few grand, I just wanted someone to not treat me like they were doing me a favor to be there customer. I couldn't be happier!


Date of Posting: 01 May 2012

Posted By: Sonny Hardeman

Want to sent thanks to Bob Kurgan, for tuning my 87 GT ran great at the track...thanks to the tune...and thanks for future mod. susgestions. And im going to send some friends to Kurgans for tuning..


Date of Posting: 27 September 2011

Posted By: Scott Rose 


I had a great experience with Bart when he completely rebuilt my rear end on my mustang. I would recommend them to anyone.


Date of Posting: 13 March 2011

Posted By: Brian McGuire 

Newnan, Ga

I have been conversing with Bob for year's on different project's Ive had and he's always told me bring the car to me but with him being in Illinois and me in Ga. I never did and used a few of the local tuner's we've had in this area but the car's never made the power they should have or ran the number's.

Well Bob told me early this year he was moving down here and to wait and he would tune my car. So I basically took the year off from running the car to wait for him to get here and get the car right. I took my car to his shop about 3 week's ago and left it so that he could go over it and have the time to look for any things that needed addressing. Him and Bart actually took the time out to look the car over and discuss a few changes that needed to be made which is a BIG change from some of the shop's Ive been to over the year's. They have also stayed in constant contact with me to keep me informed of the progress. Well I just wanna say this I got a call from Bob last week to ask me how much power I wanted to make with my car and I was like I dont really know, Why? He asked well would over a 1000hp be ok? I said sure. He asked well how about over 1200hp and I was like Hell Yeah! I said why again? He said because that's what it just made. So needless to say I was very happy with the new found power. For year's Ive been to the tuner's around here and they could never get over 1000hp out of it. So I'm making over a 1200rwhp with a 302 based motor and a supercharger and thought it was not possible for year's untill now.

I just wanna Thank Kurgan Motor Sport's for their Awesome work and Customer service!!! Thanks Bob and Bart!!!

Brian Cooper. 


Date of Posting: 18 November 2010

Posted By: bccoupe 


I just wanted to comment on how good of a job Bob and his team did for me a couple weeks ago. I had my 01 bullitt tuned by him and he did an excellent job. I must say it is the best tune I have ever had as far as drivibility, power made, idle, smoothness, etc. 

He cut me a good deal on the tuning and, after asking for a shop sticker after I had left he told me to grab one next time I was out that way. Well today I received a box on my doorstep with two Kurgan's stickers and a shop shirt! 

This is a stand up crew, and their professionalism was very, very impressive. 

Keep them in mind when you need something guys!

Thank you Mr. Kurgan and crew...

BTW Bob, I got some new tires and the thing is still ripping!!!! I love what you did! 


Date of Posting: 17 November 2010

Posted By: bbullitt01 



Well once again, have to say thanks to Bob Kurgan!! 

Changed setups on the '93 cobra to a 363 and V2-Si Real Street Kit and Bob had excellent service getting the blower, injectors etc. shipped to me all the way out here in the desert. He even put me a base tune together for the new combo. 

Thanks again Bob and I hope the new shop does really well!!! 

Dale McPeters


Date of Posting: 10 August 2009

Posted By: Dale McPeters 




Date of Posting: 16 September 2008

Posted By: twins57mm

Bob, 90 minutes, and a whole new car. Couldn't be happier! 

Never will go anywhere else! 110% on top of it all! 


Date of Posting: 12 September 2008

Posted By: stutsstang

Just wanted to say THANK YOU! BOB is the man to go to! Best Tuner BARNONE! Would never let anyone touch my car besides BOB KURGAN! You were right on target with the tune safe, clean, drivablity is great, idol ,etc and best of all the power it made! U were right on with everything and i can't thank you enough! I don't think i've ever been happier with anyone else that has done anything for me beside my tune in my car from THE MAN.....BOB KURGAN and may i add again, BARNONE! 

Lookin forward to seeing u soon! Thanks again! 

Obie 1 Kenobi


Date of Posting: 18 August 2008

Posted By: Turbo Who?

Thank you again bob! Despite the few problems we had with my turbo buick on the dyno the other night you kept the atmosphere positive and patient, and even turned wrenches when we needed to make some changes. I very much appreciate it, and would trust nobody else with tuning any of my cars. 

I also wanted to point out to other Turbo Buick Guys that BOB is the MAN to go to. I am often asked "who should I have tune my GN/T-type" By other buick guys in the area, and when I tell them to go to Kurgan, they usually recognize the name, but say "isn't he a mustang / ford tuner?", which obviously yes Bob has a stellar reputation in the NMRA / Mustang / Lighting / Ford world as both a fiercly competitive and consistant racer and tuner, but people often do not realize that his tuning skills go well beyond the blue oval. 

Thank you, 


83 BUICK T Type - stock block buick v6 - POWER UNDISCLOSED 

87 BUICK GN - 358ci SBC / 88mm turbo - 935RWHP (GONE) 

85 BUICK T Type - SBC / Large Frame single turbo - to be tuned by kurgan in 09.


Date of Posting: 25 July 2008

Posted By: turbocliff 

Glendale Heights, IL

i have used different tuners in the past and was at the point of giving up, i even decided to sell the car because i couldn't get it to run right. finally i turned to bob after reading about other peoples expeirence with bob and let me tell you it was the best move EVER! we emailed about a month back and forth and he was always willing to take the time and answer and questions i had, thoroughly. after going back and forth i finally got my car on a flatbed and went up there last thursday (3/20). kurgan has a wealth of knowledge in everything from building to tunning and will give unbiased advice as if the car he was tunning was his own. 

when my car came in he got right down to business and found that cylinders 4 and 5 weren't firing and the culprit was my new anderson pms i bought. its crazy because the other tuners couldn't figure this out for whatever the reason, even after making several dyno trips. bob got it within 10 minutes of arriving and ended up burning me a custom chip. the car put down 555rwhp and let me tell you this car is driveable! before it would run like a diesel, no driveability, it wouldnt idle, surging, etc., etc. infact he assured me the car would be safe to drive anywhere, so without a flatbed to take the car back i took a chance a drove 100 miles back to chicago the same day with ZERO issues on e.t. streets, pulling between 20-23 mpg in and out of boost. this car is a fvcking animal, just flatout blows the tires off in the first 4 gears. 

cant wait to go back in a month or two and swap pulleys and add a meth kit and bust some high nines. 

bob let me just say you are the man with "the know how", and if not for you the car would have been sold, thanks once again and i'll see you soon


Date of Posting: 24 March 2008

Posted By: phillie356

I bought one of Bob's Torker Kits for my 02GT and i couldn't be happier. Bob really took the time to sort out a few issues i had and he didn't gripe one time. Took all the time to call me back after business hours and on weekends as well. 

DEFINATELY don't regret doing business with him again. 

Thanks Bob!!!


Date of Posting: 11 March 2008

Posted By: Blwn02

Just wanted to take the time and thank you Bob, my big stufff 3 COP mod/dai SYSTEM CAME YESTERDAY THANKS AGAIN.


Date of Posting: 20 February 2008

Posted By: shawnsvtcobra