KurganBob Kurgan set a new NMCA record on June 3, 2011 with a 7.846 @ 174.98 MPH in round 2 of Extreme Street at Maryland International Raceway. This is the quickest ET to date in NMCA Extreme Street.

See the full class elimination results at NMCAdigital.com for more details.

Running a Vortech V-24 Xi-Trim supercharger (at 25PSI), it's clear that Kurgan has the advantage. It gives him as much boost as he wants, and at lower discharge temperatures than he would see using any other brand. This means that his engine is able to make more power with the Xi-Trim than it would with another blower running the exact same amount of boost. The reason, of course, is that the Vortech supercharger operates at a higher level of efficiency than anything else in the class.


Most of the racers who trail behind Kurgan simply don't have this advantage. If they're using other types of blowers, they have to put up with higher discharge temperatures and greater parasitic power loss. It's a handicap that drags down their engine's power output along with their ET's, usually placing them behind faster racers like Kurgan at the finish line. At the end of the weekend, they just have to shrug their shoulders and accept that they won't be able to set records when there are racers who are powered by better technology.

Bob has been using the Xi-Trim for over two years now, with 400+ passes on the unit, and he's had plenty of wins and record setting performances to show for it.

Last month he finished first in the Ultimate Outlaw Shootout with a 5.01 at 145 MPH 1/8th-mile pass.

It was only three months ago (March, 2011) that he set a previous Extreme Street record with a 7.852 at Bradenton. Even after that, he was still able to shave off enough time to set it again this month at Maryland.

Kurgan told us last week that he would recommend the Xi-Trim to "anyone who wants to go fast," suggesting that it's a no-brainer. In other words, it's the most powerful supercharger in it's class, so why would anybody want to use anything else?

Let's see if the other racers pay attention and take his advice.

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