I need to thank the following people for the help and support in winning Nate/Adam's Ultimate Outlaw x275 class on 5/28..

My wife, Chris... over 20yrs she has put up with me and she still allows me to go racing! Without her blessing and support, I couldnt do this!

All my sponsors! Vortech Superchargers, AEM Electronics, Diablosport, Kurgan Motorsports LLC, DSS Race Engines, Fox Lake power products, Team Z, UPR, Blowers4less.com, UCC, Ford Racing, Kooks, Goodyear, etc... Without the help of all these great sponsors, i could NOT afford to go racing! My car would be sitting in the shop on jackstands! Please support these guys if you are looking for top quality products.

Thanks to Nate and Adam for putting on a great race... it was nice to be appreciated! Many other organizations are taking their racers for granted. These guys genuinely thanked us for coming. Nate's such a great guy, I didnt even try and run him over!! LOL

A huge thanks goes out to ED RICE! Before 1st round of qualifying, I found that i had a HUGE TEAR in my discharge tube... after a little hammering, i needed to find someone with a welder! After combing the pits, I found good ole Ed! They had called qual #1 for Outlaw 10.5 and this guy had his guys drag his car to the staging lanes so he could weld up my discharge tube! If it werent for Ed, I wouldnt have been racing yesterday!

My crew, Mitch and Zeb... they did a great job getting the car ready for each round.. it was hot and we were getting hot-lapped, but there was never a doubt that the car wouldn't be ready!

My partner, Bart, for sticking at the shop and finishing up a huge project we are doing for Ford Racing! I know he would have liked to come racing, but there were more important projects at hand.

Kevin Fiscus for letting me borrow his truck to go get ice.. Hot water would not have been a good thing for the intercooler LOL..

All in all, I am happy with my performance.. 5.01 @ 145 mph on a marginal track, and it was HOT AS HELL!! I think I have a competitive car finally!

If i missed anyone, i apologize! We will see ya'll at NMCA next weekend!



You can watch Round 2 here and see my pass there: