Bob Kurgan Runs Fastest Pass in NMRA Drag Radial History at Bradenton

Vortech supercharged drag racers and car show enthusiasts alike roll into Bradenton Motorsports Park 43 deep to kickoff the 2010 NMRA race/ show season and we were there to take in all of the record breaking action.
BF Goodrich Drag Radial has become one of the hottest heads up classes the NMRA has to offer. If you have been paying any attention at all to this street tire class, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Byron, IL resident Bob “The Flyin Hawaiian” Kurgan. Bob is a staple at various national and regional drag racing events and NMRA Drag Radial is no different. Known as one of the quickest and fastest racers in the class, Bob showed up in Bradenton to send a message to his competitors for the 2010 season. His Kurgan Motorsports/Vortech Superchargers V24-Xi backed ’86 Mustang was NOT here to play. Choosing to sit out for all of the pre-qualifying test sessions offered to racers at NMRA events, Bob rolled his 4 eyed Fox out of the trailer just prior to Friday afternoon’s 1st round of qualifying. Competing with 8 other very capable supercharged and turbocharged entries for the coveted #1 position, Bob fired the shot that would set the tone for the remainder of the 1st and 2nd rounds of qualifying with a record setting 7.947et. Not only was that run good enough for the #1 position, it also served as the quickest pass in the history of the class. Things would stay that way until the final session of qualifying were Bob was edged out of the #1 spot by the defending 2009 class champion, Jason Lee who tripped the lights at the stripe only .006 seconds quicker.

Photo Courtesy of Mike Galimi @ Shutterspeed Media

Racing with a combination that hadn’t been refreshed since the beginning of the 2009 season proved to be problematic for Bob as the weekend drew longer. In an attempt regain his #1 qualifying position, Bob’s motor suffered a minor (non supercharger related) mechanical set back during Saturday’s final qualifying session. Bob would fix the problem and be ready for Sunday’s elimination rounds where he would be paired up with the turbo modular powered beast of Steven Biggs in the 1st round.

Photo Courtesy of Mike Galimi @ Shutterspeed Media

Bob threw a little tune up at the computer to try to improve on his 7.94 pass and hopefully get around a tough 1st round competitor. Unfortunately, there wasn’t as much starting line there as the previous days and Bob struck the tire right from the hit. He recovered quickly and was making quick work w/ the remaining length of track to run down Biggs. It looked as if Bob would get around him just before the finish line and claim the round but…his gremlin from the previous pass presented itself again and put an end to the weekend that started off so promising for Bob and Team Vortech.
Look for Bob to swap the BFG Drag Radials on his Vortech powered hatch for some 28xT10.5 slicks and return to Bradenton Motorsports Park Mar 18-22 to hopefully set some new records and claim his 1st win of the season in the NMCA’s Vortech Superchargers sponsored Extreme Street class. Hope to see you all there!

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