Xcal3 flash tuners
SCT chips
Diablosport predators (15-20 in stock for various cars)
Diablosport chips
60lbs injectors EV1
60lbs injectors EV6
80lbs injectors EV1
80lbs injectors EV6
Billet flange adapters for 90mm maf
4pin to 6pin wiring adapter for 90mm maf to foxbody
Walbro inline fuel pumps
Walbro intank fuel pumps
T-rex fuel pumps
T56 shifters (KMS)
BA2400 MAF
BA2800 MAF
Fore regulators
Billetflow 2.76 and 2.93 pulleys in all colors
Billetflow idlers 100mm and 90mm in most colors
Metco gt500 pulleys and idlers
s197 motor mounts
S197 2.5 and 3inch full exhaust systems in stainless
Upper and lower control arms for rear
Vortech Supercharger kits for various cars

and alot more... email or call with needs!